Saturday, January 8, 2011


Cuddling the events close
Opening the mind some more
Nestled facts in reflection
Throwaway misconceptions
Eclipse negation
Maneuvering decisions
Panoramic presentation
Lavish invasion
Astonishing revelations and
Theft of truth
Enlightens you

Monday, May 17, 2010


There are times when I feel the urge to express in words, but often there exists spurs of conflicts in my mind as to what has to be expressed? During most of the time my mind refuses to express at all with so many thoughts occupying my mind at once. But one thing is for sure, life is full of emotions, so which one of them deserves the expression ?

When I'm given the choice of emotional expression(in words), I can do two different things. Firstly, if I'm happy, I can compose a poem relating to my current state of happiness and secondly if I'm sad I can compose a poem reflecting my misery. When I express my sadness, all the unwanted emotional load will be vented out in sometime, but if I choose to express joy at that point of time, I will be totally carried away to a whole knew different stance, because of which I'll feel lighter inside. Here the result is common in both the cases but I prefer the stance rather than venting out. Because venting out is just to think, think, think only about the issue which made me sad and feel all the more sad whereas the stance takes me elsewhere giving me a break from my miseries.

So I conclude that I will always continue expressing in words in comfortable, "feel good" kind of emotions irrespective of the current state of my emotion. And I will express(in words) "not so comfortable" emotions when I don't have anything else to do.

Now tell me how would you like to express?

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Someone unknown
Tailormade qualities
Recklessly befriends her
Astir's her mind
Navigates into her life
Gambles with future
Earns her trust
Rakishly leads life

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Answers will come..

I'm scared and confused
Lost in the darkness of this reality
Trying hard to seek light

Skeletons from the past haunting me
Love for a better future nurturing me
Where do I look ? Where do I set foot?

Since my dreams were shattered
I have struggled to move on
Now the situation has come back
As if to mock me

My future is yet to become certain
Making it harder to rely
I am now in the midst of ambiguity

I hate this dilemma
Because I survived the past
And was ready to start anew

Why should anything come back when its gone for good?
Especially now, when I'm unsure about my future
Its mean though, how life picks such vulnerable moments to hit you

But somewhere deep within
I know there exists a spark
To consume this darkness

And I am aware
Sooner or later
All the answers will come to me

Until then, all I ask for is
Strength, strength to remain intact
And to live a fulfilling life for today

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Affirmations

  • I am a magnifiscence in human form
  • I love, care and nurture myself
  • I am happy, confident and respect myself
  • I accept myself the way I am
  • I am healthy and my body is functioning very well
  • I am wealthy and I am receiving wealth from multiple sources
  • I am beautiful inside and out
  • I am my friend
  • I am loved by my family and friends
  • Love comes to me effortlessly
  • I commit myself for loving and being loved
  • I love and be loved
  • I am blessed
  • I am enjoying the clarification of my life's purpose
  • My life is simple and easy
  • I am receiving all the attention that I deserve
  • I am making better decisions everyday
  • All good things and good people are coming to me
  • I am finding great oppertunities all around me
  • The Universe is meeting all my needs immediately
  • I am at peace and one with myself and all
  • I am enjoying a career that I am passionate about because it is giving me happiness, security and freedom
  • I am being appeciated at work
  • All my prayers are being answered
  • I am attracting all that I want like a magnet
  • I give freely and receive freely
  • I make a positive difference in the world and I am
  • I am attracting true love and romance into my life; my soulmate
  • I am irresistible to my partner
  • I accept everything with calm and grace
  • I am successful in all that I do
  • Everything is getting better everyday
  • My family and friends make me happy
  • I have an attitude of gratitude
  • God provides me for everyday in everyway

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Aparthied was conquered
Future, hence bestowed
Rich with jungles
Immensely under poverty
Calling out for nourishment
Ailing with AIDS                       


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LOA aka the "Law Of Attraction"

                My 8th semester had just begun, I was so excited that my BE in mechanical engineering was coming to an end. One day while chatting with my parents I expressed to them my wish to visit few Temples in and around Mangalore along with them, mom loved the idea and agreed instantly to my request but told me that we could go only after my semester exams... Just her approval was sufficient to elevate me to cloud no 9... I was extremely happy for her gesture and felt as if I'd already experienced the trip... I gave my last engineering exam in the month of June and on the same night I reminded my mother about the trip, but to my dismay she told me that she would not take me there because there were some important issues to be dealt with at her office... This shattered me... I was almost in tears, but a strong feeling stopped me from breaking down... Faith... I had never felt this enormous faith before in my life.... also I was sure that I would visit those Temples very soon... I had no clue that I possessed that amount of faith.... Although many times I had a feeling that God heard my call and He would by any chance present me with an opportunity to visit those Temples... To His Holy place.... I was all back to myself again.. happy, silly, cheerful and lovely..... I gave my exam pretty well... and I expected around 75%.... though I wished desperately for more...

               Just a few days before my exams, my dad left to Mangalore for some inspection work and he was to return only after 2 months... He was accompanied by his colleague who also happened to be dad's close friend.... In the last week of June something wonderful happened... Dad called and asked mom if we could visit him in Mangalore for the weekend... She agreed as all the problems were solved at her office and she also reminded him of my wish to visit the temples.... and dad agreed too.... Since I was expecting this I wasn't that surprised but of course very happy and grateful....

              We booked 3 bus tickets for myself, mom and my Dad colleague's wife Mrs. Sudha as we didn't get any booking for the train... Our bus left at 10:30pm... At 11:20pm one of my classmates and a dear friend gave me a call to inform me that our results were out in the Internet... My heart skipped a beat... I called a couple of my classmates and my juniors and requested them to check my result.. at 11:35pm my junior rang me to say that I passed with a FCD (First Class with Distinction) with 81%... All good things were coming my way at the same time.. I closed my eyes and thanked God for all that I'd experienced... I felt a teardrop rolling down my right cheek... I felt mixture of emotions thrill, joy, excitement, surprise and gratitude... I was the happiest girl on Earth....


               We reached Mangalore about 7 in the morning... beginning from that day for the next 7 days we were able to visit about 19 Temples... Which was more than I expected... Since its a region having rainfall for most of the year, we always had to carry our umbrella... But believe it or not, the minute we left for the Temples it would stop pouring... Happily would go and make the 'Darshana' (meaning, looking at the God's Idol in Kannada) and get back late at night around 10:15pm... After which we would go to the ice cream parlour to enjoy yummy 'Tiramisu', 'Gudbud', 'Chocolate Nut Sundae' etc. for less than Rs. 45/-... Ice creams are very costly in Bangalore !!

On the last day of our trip Sudha auntie told me about an amazing book called "The Secret" authored by Rhonda Byran and how it helped her nephew overcome all his problems... This book caught my attention and my thoughts... The next morning before we started back home I thanked my parents for the wonderful experience that they gave me...

               A week after I got back from Mangalore, I went in search of 'The Secret' and thankfully I found it in the very first place that I looked...
I've read the book more than once and henceforth my mind, heart and soul or in one word my entire life has been in a course of a complete positive transformation....
The book says about LOA aka the "Law Of Attraction" which means that we will end up with everything we ever wish for, no matter what !! Because The Universe has everything in Abundance... But when we make a wish we must wish adding passion to it and feel literally the sort of emotion we would be feeling when the wish came true...

By now you must have realised that, all that I asked for, indeed came true.... If not, do read my story again.... I'm extremely grateful for being able to share my experience with you all... I'm grateful to Rhonda Byran, Mrs.Sudha, my parents, my brother and all my dear friends....

I'm grateful to God !!